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HR Services (A-Z)

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Candidate Recruitment

We follow the best candidate recruitment process that spans around 7 phases. Our talent acquisition team collaborates with the clients to onboard the best talents in the marketplace.

Compensation Consulting

We design and implement compensation plans for all your employees based on certain guidelines and requirements. It helps in shaping good employee behavior.

Daily HR Administration

Our HR team works with you to focus on administration processes like payroll processing, taxes, reports, compliance maintenance, managing data, and updating policies. We advise and support managers & employees on HR issues by drawing up contracts and creating crisis communication templates.

Employee benefits

Our team devises employee benefits based on work ethics and performance. The main categories of these include health insurance, paid time off, life insurance, and retirement plans.

Administration services

The administration services we focus on include HR audits, HR accounting, HR interaction tools, reimbursement of any fines, complying with local and global regulations, and dealing with labor conflicts & controversial situations.

Employee compensation plans

Compensation plans get devices for employees where they are eligible to avail of benefits. These include salary, monetary, and non-monetary privileges provided to employees by the organization.

Employee file management

File management gets done by us wherein we focus on HR management, payroll, benefits, and compliance documents in a single location.

Employee leave management, policies, and administration

We focus on the leaves that can be availed by employees, policies regarding the leaves, and how the administration administers the employee leave management process.

Employee relations

It is essential to focus on maintaining great employee relations through HR management practices for the long run of a business organization.

Employee training assessment and planning services

Assessment gets done on employee training methods. Recommendations are given based on feedback from employees and other concerned personnel. The training assessment gets planned as per the needs of the organization.

Exit interview services

At AlliedHRM, we arrange exit interviews. The meeting focuses on terminating an employee with valid reasons. The exit interview process provides your organization to obtain honest feedback about the organization from the exiting employee.

HR Assessment

Business organizations usually analyze everything from HR policies to compliances and practices. They also look into HR services and the connection between HR and strategic goals of a business.

HR Audit

We deal with four types of HR audits. These include an internal comparative approach audit, external expert audit, statistical approach audit, and management by objectives audit.

HR Best Practices Assessment

We focus on streamlining your services while conducting an HR audit of current files and practices. Our team ensures that the HR department is in compliance with current laws and regulations.

HR Compliance

At AlliedHRM, we ensure that the HR department enforces HR policies to follow legal rules and regulations. A framework gets followed to ensure a proper HR compliance process.

HR Crisis Management

Our HR team devises a system of plans and processes that gets designed to enable an organization to detect & minimize potential harm posed by a crisis.

Labor Law/Compliance Support

We comply with labor laws and ensure proper compliance support by following the regulations as per mandatory guidelines.

Recruiting Process Management

We focus on recruiting potential employees for your business organization. The seven phases get followed in the recruitment process.

Talent Acquisition Assessments

Our team assesses the potential candidates by going through their profile, qualifications, authenticity, and credibility.

Termination Services

At AlliedHRM, we focus on providing the smoothest termination services through setting up exit interviews with outgoing employees. Feedback is taken, which gets relayed to the organization to improve the working environment.

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